****Contra III FAQ****


Why are you stuck in stage 1 forever?

To save time I am attempting to kill the first boss at point blank range.  There is an 80% chance he will kill me.  Death means a reset.  This strategy saves 1.5-2.5 seconds. 


Why do you reset so often?

The run is to the point where I can't get the time I want if something goes wrong.


Why are you switching weapons rapidly?

Each crush gun you carry lets you have three shots on screen at a time.  If you switch to the other gun you can have three more making a total of six shots on screen at once.  Switching back and forth rapidly ensures that you have six shots on screen as often as possible.  With this, most bosses die very quickly


Why don't you use bombs more often?

The bomb creates lag and do not add a lot of extra damage.  It can create as little as half a second of lag or as much as a full second depending on what's going on.  I do not use any bombs until stage 6.  I use one bomb to help guarantee a quick kill on the gargoyle and the other three to give me a clear shot on the brain.


What does the C stand for?

The C stands for crush.  The weapon is called the "crush gun" because it fires "crush" missiles.


Why is C the best weapon?

So let's break down the damage

Peashooter 2 Per shot
Spread 2 Per shot, 10 total
Homing 2 Per missile
Laser 3-4 Per segment of beam, 25 total
Flame 1 Per segment of flame, 8 total
Crush 4 Per frame of contact with missile/explosion


A single crush missile can do more damage than an entire wave of spread and an entire beam of laser.  If you have a crush missile on each hand and are switching rapidly you've got 6 on screen at a time.  Spread fires very fast if you are in point blank range, but it's not enough to catch up with 6 crush missiles.


How much randomness is in this run?

Almost all of the run is randomness.  I've highlighted the parts of each stage that are random in the pictures below.  Credit goes to RT-55J from VGMaps for the images I used to make this.  There is additional randomness with the crush gun (See next question).


What is crush randomness?

Short Version: Because of how the crush gun works, it's random how much damage I am going to be doing to everything in the game

Long Version: When you fire crush missiles, the missiles explode when they hit something.  The explosion scatters randomly.  Enemies take damage from both the missile and the explosion.    The explosion needs to overlap with an enemy's hitbox to do damage, but some of it might not overlap because of how it scattered.  The difference can be subtle or dramatic and it is most noticeable when fighting enemies that have small hitboxes.  This also means you can do the same fight hundreds of times and it will always be just a little different.  


What is the tower skip?

In stage 1 there is a sniper in a tower.  Killing him creates a large amount of lag, but you can avoid it with a precisely timed jump and cooperative spawning.  


What is the platform skip?

After you bust open the door in stage 3 you can skip a jump by getting to the very edge of the pole and jumping off.


What is the corner skip?

In stage 5 it's possible to squeeze between the wall and the edge of the floor without having to go around.


What's going on with the brain fight?

The brain starts with 30,000 health and the fight takes place in cycles.  A cycle involves hitting an orb and the brain going through an attack pattern.  After each cycle the brains health is halved.  The red and grey orb patterns allow me to deal the most damage.  The red orb cycle is shorter but gives me less opportunity to inflict damage.  It has been determined that getting three red orb patterns first is fastest.  In single player, four cycles is optimal.  Getting the right pattern is difficult because the brain rotation patterns are random and can change direction without warning.