Best Time: 10:06 by David Heidman Jr. & Mr. K

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Run Comments:


Stage 1

Player 1's responsibilities are to keep scrolling the screen forward and to collect Spread and the second R upgrade.  Player 2 needs to collect the first R in this stage.  Player 1 will stay on the top path.  Player 2 usually drops down at the bridge and moves up to the same level as Player 1 later.  The last two item carriers are a bit problematic for player 1 to collect because of the different positioning of the two player run.  

Stage 2
Player 1 needs to get spread rhythm going.  Player 2 may simply mash B.  Together each room is completed extremely quickly.

Stage 3
Due to the combination of the jump glitch and the buggy nature of both players scrolling the screen up, player 2 is eliminated at the beginning of this stage by doing nothing as player 1 scrolls the screen up.  The strategy at the bridge is different from the single player run.  Player 1 jumps straight up to reach the same level as the bridge.  Player 2 respawns as soon as player 1 lands on the platform the bridge is on and collects the barrier.  Player 1 jumps to the right and pauses for a bit and triggers the item carrier with R.  Both players move up.  Player 2 collects R on the way up and both players need to be as synced up as possible for the remainder of the climb.  

For the boss fight, player 1 takes out both arms.  Player 2 does nothing, but gets into position to help take out the mouth quickly.


Stage 4
Player 1 gets spread rhythm and player two mashes B.  For the boss fight, players split up to take out the cores and then both players focus on one head.  

Stage 5
The staggered positioning of both players allows them to run through the bombs in this stage without pausing.  Player 2 needs to collect spread and the R upgrade in order to assist with taking the plows and boss out quickly.  

Stage 6
Player 1 proceeds through the stage normally.  Player 2 dies on purpose at the flames controlled by the global timer and game overs.  Player 1 proceeds through the stage as normally, doing the Exo strat (see game mechanics) and proceeds through the rest of the stage.  Player 2 respawns to assist with the boss fight.

Stage 7
Refer to the timings for the flames and claws.  The strategy for two players is identical to the one player strategy, although execution is difficult.  Player 2 will recollect spread in this stage, but should not fire on the spike walls as this will cause the game to lag.

Stage 8
The strategy for this stage is the same as the single player strategy.  With both players using spread, it's possible to run through this stage without stopping.  On the path to the heart, either player may hold back a bit to give cover to the spiders that appear near the player in front.