How does the death warp work?

Short Version: Gain an extra life after you lose all of your lives to trick the game into advancing you into the next stage.


Long Version:

In Contra III, defeating a boss or losing all of your lives cause a screen fadeout transition.  During this transition the game checks to see whether or not your character is alive.  If you are alive you are advanced to the next level.  If you are not, you are taken to the game over screen.  The programming assumes that the only way to be alive during a screen fadeout transition is to have defeated a boss.  Technically this is not a glitch!  It's the game working as expected but not as intended.



Q: What are the point values for earning extra lives

The first extra life is awarded at 20,000 points and subsequent extra lives are awarded every 60,000 points.

20,000  - 1st life

80,000 - 2nd life

140,000 - 3rd life

200,000 - 4th life

 and so on.  My score doesn't get higher than this for this run.


Q: Why are you resetting at stage 2 even though you have successfully gotten through the stage without dying

A: I need one of the bunkers to drop a bomb that I will need to set up the skips for stages 3 and 4


Setting up the death warp:

In order for the screen fadeout to trigger, your character has to lose his last life and his body must completely disappear.  Only a bomb is capable of killing an enemy so late after your character dies.  Therefore a bomb is required for every stage skip.  When you respawn after triggering a warp, you do not have the usual bomb that you receive after gaining a life.  The route for this category requires you to constantly be aware of your points.


Q: How can you keep track of your score if it is not shown on screen

A: Math.  And practice.


Q: Why are you tripping up the mines in stage 2 like that

A: Walking over the mines gives you points



Q: Why don't you skip stages 2 and 5

A: These stages cannot be skipped using this glitch


Q: Why do you use the laser sometimes in stage 5 even though crush is faster

A: There is a problem with the way the game awards points for destroying certain enemies in stages 2 and 5.  This happens when an enemy is destroyed with a weapon that has multiple points of contact.  For example when the crush gun destroys one of the bunkers the game may award anywhere from 2 to 8 times the usual 2,000 points.  This effect is most noticeable with the crush and flame guns, but it can also be triggered with the laser.  In stage 2 you can earn double points on the boss kill if you destroy it with laser at a certain angle.  For this reason I need to avoid using crush at certain times.


Q: How much RNG is there in the run

A: A lot.

Stage 1 - The most consistent stage, I just need to not get messed up by an inconvenient red solider spawn

Stage 2- I need a bomb drop from either the third, fourth, or fifth bunker (not sure on the chances but it appears to be 30% very rough guess).

Stage 3 - no RNG here!

Stage 4 - The first drop needs to be crush (50% chance).  I need a good pattern to setup the trick here.

Stage 5 - I need the second bunker to drop laser (50% chance) and to not have gained too many points from using crush on the first three bunkers (not sure on the probability there).

Stage 6 - Reasonably consistent