What is the Contra Conference?

The Contra Conference is a gathering of the world's best Contra speedrunners into one location for a solid week of action from August 9th - 17th.  In the world of speedrunning, most speedruns are done with only one player.  It's very uncommon to see a two player speedrun of a game.  One reason for this is that a lot of popular games only support 1 player at a time.  Another reason for this is that it's uncommon for two people to both be good at a game and be in the same geographic area.  As it just so happens, the Contra games are two player games.
That's where the Contra Conference comes in.  Contra games are meant to be played with two players.  That's also how they were meant to be run.  This meetup of Contra enthusiasts provides a rare opportunity for you to witness the magic of two player speedrunning.



Who will be attending the Contra Conference?

Click here to meet the Contra runners.


Where is the conference?

The Conference is held in beautiful Carpinteria California