Blue Soldier Health: - Points: 180 Memory Address -Various
 Notes: Moves forward in the direction it spawns.  If it reaches a base wall or a tank it will turn around and change directions.


Red Soldier Health: 3 Points: 180 Memory Address - Various


Note: Moves forward and shoots once.  After firing it will turn around and move forward in the opposite direction.  In some circumstances, if a base wall is exploding, it may continue to move forward.



 Ground Turret Health: Points:320 Memory Address
Notes: Comes up as you approach and it does not retract.  Fires two shots.  It's possible to jump over the turret and the shots, but it's very precise if your character is on the middle of the screen.



Sniper Health: 8 Points: 790 Memory Address -906


Note: The sniper fires at you at fixed intervals and based on your position.  The direction of his gun doesn't necessarily reflect the direction of his shot.